For the curious. For the ambitious. For the rule breakers makers.

The blurry line between think & punk

When we set out to build Thunk Studio we had no name. Even after numerous days and dozens of paths, nothing on our list felt right. No name felt like "us". There had to be something we could hang our hats on. Something more than a word. Something that would encapsulate our spirit.

And guess what? The solution was hiding in plain sight all along. At top of the page we'd written two characteristics we wanted our practise to embody: think and punk.

Think represents our strategic half, the analytical, information-seeking, and relentlessly curious nature we harness.

As for Punk? Well, that's our license for unbounded thinking. It's the spirit that turns a why into what if, a problem into an opportunity. Punk isn't afraid to be different, because different doesn't mean wrong.

So, think x punk = thunk

Is it ok to answer why with why?
We think so.

Why might someone purchase from your brand? Why are they still considering your competitor? Why is your product so damn good but haven't they hit "buy now" already?

When we apply consumer-centric questioning, your product or service's true value shines through. So your brand can exist in the right place, at the right time.

Which is why we like to stay on the outside looking in.

Which is something our clients value.

If Cinderella wore hi‑tops.

Just imagine. What a different fairytale that would've been.

Whilst there's no one-size-fits-all solution for your storytelling, our experience provides a pool of knowledge to draw from. Our onboarding process involves an immersion in your brand, your products, your shoppers, your competitors (and their shoppers, too).

That's where the magic begins.

p.s. We dare to dream, but we champion practicality. This means your projects are delivered with imagination and a healthy dose of reality. Which is why we never promise to turn a pumpkin into a carriage (we all know what happened at midnight), though we always get you to the ball – and back – in style.